ID'EAU partner at the OCR 2019 European Championships

The OCR European Championships 2019 were held on the 27-30 of June in Gdynia, Poland at the National Rugby Stadium and its neighborhood. These championships were aimed at the development and promotion of obstacle sports which are based on overcoming various, often demanding, obstacles along the way. For 4 days over 3000 athletes struggled with demanding routes and obstacles, proving their strength, endurance and passion for this discipline.

Adrenaline, competition and overcoming your weaknesses, but also great fun and cooperation – that’s how you can describe the edition held in Poland! 

ID”EAU is everywhere were good emotions, adrenaline & great fun are. That is why ID’EAU became an official Partner of the OCR European Championships 2019 in Gdynia, Poland. On the 27-30 of June we are supporting the athletes in their fight for medals! We have witnessed moments of great successes as well as overcoming ones weaknesses! Congratulations to all athletes – those who won the medals, as well as to those who fought to the very end and did not give up.

Remember that water can do more, so can the OCR athletes;) PS. Do not forget about proper hydration 🙂



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