Nature and science

ID’EAU to połączenie najlepszych zasobów natury z najbardziej
zaawansowanymi osiągnięciami nauki!

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Crystal clear

Water flows from the natural spring in Borucin, in the ecologically clean the region of Nizina Śląska. The deposit is located at the depth of 60 m, that is below filtration layers, which guarantees its best cleanness.

Low mineral content

Mineralisation is at the level of 420 mg/l, which classifier this water is appropriate for daily consumption for everyone.

Subtle taste

Its specific taste and smooth texture are probably related to alkalinity and specific molecular structure.

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Proprietary technology

After flowing from the spring, the water this aerated. In special, sterile conditions, with specific pressure and temperature, the flow of natural mineral water is subjected to air, which causes intense gas exchange. The result is the ID'EAU water with high content of oxygen and nitrogen, low content of carbon dioxide, alkaline pH, and extremely rare specific molecular structure.

Innovative packaging

Maintaining numerous functional features of the product throughout its shelf life would be difficult without the unique protecting ID'EAU against unfavourable environmental impacts, including electromagnetic smog. When you buy ID'EAU from the original box, you have the guarantee that the product has all extraordinary features.

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Scientific research

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