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Water is the main ingredient of our body and this is why one should take care to supply it to the body in the highest quality possible. You are what you drink!

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Unique water

Water is the main ingredient of our body and this is why one should take care to provide it for the body in the optimum quality and quantity. ID'EAU is the source of such water, and consuming it daily, as the study in the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice shows, brings about specific benefits:

Excellently hydrating

The unique molecular structure of ID'EAU facilitates solving it. Mineral waters usually have the structure of multi-molecular clusters, which is not conducive to the proper hydration.

Stimulating metabolism

The metabolic processes run effectively provided that we supply our body with the chemical compounds fundamental for its functioning in the proper quantities. ID'EAU contains as much as twice more oxygen than most of mineral waters available in our market.

Supports maintenance of acid and base balance

Alkaline pH of ID'EAU is conducive to the acid and base balance proper for our body. Improper diet, stress and unfavourable environment conditions cause acidity in most of us. Drinking our alkaline water, you can positively affect maintenance of this balance.

Increases endurance

Order helps maintain the proper physical and cognitive functions of the body when it is consumed in the volume of 30 ml of water per kg of bodyweight, that is approximately 2 litres per day. Combination of many positive features of ID'EAU very beneficially affects the human condition. The studies conducted in professional sportsmen proved significant effect on the rate of regeneration of the body and its resistance to long-term effort.

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Why drink water?

The human body consists of about 70% water and is the most important structural element of our body. We lose daily large volumes of it through natural evaporation, sweating and excretion. Lack of supplementing shortages of water leads to unbalancing the basic life processes and further consequences. We must continuously compensate deficit of water to be able to function normally!

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Characteristics of our water


ID'EAU has mineralisation at the level of 420 mg/l, which makes it appropriate for consumption by children, preparation of food for infants and for diet with low sodium content

Alkaline pH

ID'EAU has alkaline pH 7.7–8.0 that is appropriate for our body


ID'EAU has the proper content of dissolved oxygen 13–15 mg per litre

Better absorption

ID'EAU has specific molecular structure, which is probably related to its better absorption

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Nature and science

ID’EAU is a combination of the best nature supply with the most advanced scientific accomplishments!

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